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The client area is furnished for clients who desire immediate access to digital media proofs and finished projects on-line. Please visit the link below to access your page. Call or email us for password information.

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Bill Nelson Media Group


Bill Nelson Media Group is an award-winning digital media production company, creating turn-key digital media productions for broadcast and corporate clients for nearly 30 years. Video and film production expertise is melded with the latest technological advances to create compelling content for discriminating clients nationwide.

• Concept and Script Development
• Digital Videography
• Feature Film Services
• Advanced Post Production
• 3-D Animation
• Computer-Based Training Development


Post ProductionPost Production / Editing - $125/hr.

Includes a number of workflow options:

- Avid™ Media Composer© SDI Serial Digital I/O for real-time uncompressed effects, integral 3-D effects for real-time image manipulation, or:

- Blackmagic DaVinci Color correction / edit

- Adobe CC subscription includes Premiere© CC, After Effects

...all running on a speedy Intel Mac loaded with RAM.


Mackie VLZ-series audio mixer and HR824-series speakers provide accurate audio monitoring.

Substantial image manipulation, and compositing software utilized, including the Adobe CC suite.

Upon final approval, sophisticated compression software quickly prepares your project for distribution.

Delivery of your pristine digital spots directly to broadcast outlets worldwide.

Quicktime   Digital Proofs! When your project is finished, let us create a digital proof of your project in the format and size of your choice and place your projects on a private download page in our 'Client Area' for more convenience. This low-cost service will allow rapid project turn-around by allowing password-protected access to your work 24/7 to whomever you wish. You can also point us to your Dropbox account for quick access to your project.