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The client area is furnished for clients who desire immediate access to digital media proofs and finished projects on-line. Please visit the link below to access your page. Call or email us for password information.

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Bill Nelson Media Group


Bill Nelson Media Group is an award-winning digital media production company, creating turn-key digital media productions for broadcast and corporate clients for nearly 30 years. Video and film production expertise is melded with the latest technological advances to create compelling content for discriminating clients nationwide.

• Concept and Script Development
• Digital Videography
• Feature Film Services
• Advanced Post Production
• 3-D Animation
• Computer-Based Training Development


Electronic Field Production - $125/hr.Camera

(travel rate $50/hr.)

Standard Rate Includes:

Director of Photography
All video formats from cinematic 4K to 480i, wide screen and slow / fast motion recording

Tripod, spreaders, (Steadi-Cam® available. Please enquire)
Four-head Lowel location lighting kit
Audio-Technica lav mics, grip kit w/various cables, connectors

Optional Equipment:
Sound Devices PIX220i uncompressed recorder - Quicktime or Avid codecs - $300/day
K-Tek boom pole, Sennheiser K6 module, 66 and 67 mics, windscreens - $70/day
Audio-Technica wireless system with two transmitters, lav mics - $80/day
Sony wireless mic system - $30/day
Shure FP-31 audio mixer with 3 inputs, 2 outputs - $15/day
Marshall true HD monitor with Israeli arm - $50/day
Camera jib arm for dynamic boom shots - $200/day
Heavy duty tripod dolly with street or studio wheels - $50/day
Chorizel mattebox with rails, Tiffen filter kit - $50/day
Litepanels Single Flood kit with rechargable battery, various mounts, A/C power - $70/day
Lowel Rifa-Light - $20/day

Edelkrone follow-focus, camera mount system with 15mm rails - $20/day

Aerial Video / Stills acquisition! - FAA Remote Pilot certified aerial video recording available. Please enquire for pricing.

Full fees apply for cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled time.

Closed Sundays.